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What can Cut the Clutter Co. do for me?

“Being organized” means different things to different people. Helping you to discover what it means to you is the key to the success of Cut the Clutter Co.

We help moms to organize children’s toys and family closets. We assist entire families in reclaiming the space they need, and work with everyone from singles to seniors to business owners.

How? By demonstrating techniques that will allow you to get rid of things you no longer need or use, creating organized, clean and simple spaces – sometimes in just a couple of hours. It truly is that easy!


What makes downsizing and transitioning so hard, and how can you help?

When you’re ready to move to a smaller space, facing the daunting task of sorting through possessions you’ve had for years, even decades, is just plain overwhelming. As transition specialists, we have a profound commitment to helping each older adult client to transition from their former residence to a new one.

With the gentle, expert guidance of experienced, downsizing professionals, you and your family will be able to make key decisions without the emotional and physical distress that can go along with this change, often avoiding the costly mistakes and remorse that can accompany these major lifestyle transitions. We take the worry and work out of the moving process, letting you simply enjoy your new home!

Aging in Place Consultation and Assessments

Aging in place is a decision-making process.  Our in-depth one on one consultation walks you through how transportation, finances, health and socialization affect remaining in your home as your age and we help you decide if that is the right choice for you.  Our aging in place and senior safety home assessments provide detailed recommendations on changes you can make to stay safe in your home.  We have over 20 partner firms, from plumbers and electricians, to contractors and handymen, to help you create a safe environment.  Our staff uses our Silver Spaces Aging in Place Home Assessment mobile app tool to create this thorough evaluation.  This is a very important step in your life, so take advantage of our expertise and knowledge to guide you to the right decision for you.

What’s in It for Me?

Why should I use a professional organizer, decluttering expert or transition specialist?

Professional organizers and transition specialists have the specialized training it takes to help you become organized or to downsize to a smaller residence.

They create and carry out personalized plans to assist you, at a pace that suits you. If you are downsizing, we work with your new home’s floor plan to ensure that all your possessions will fit and be well-organized. Whether home or office, just a closet or a desk, a whole house or even a garage, there is a system that’s perfect for you, and we will be right there with you to craft it!

Plan of Action

How do you design a plan that fits just me?

We create simple spaces in your home and in your life. We are passionate about working with people who want more time, more peace and less stress! And like any other professional service, finding the organizer and transition specialist who can understand and communicate with you is crucial to meeting your goals.

What happens after you create the customized plan?

Once we have a plan that suits your needs and timeline, we work with you at your pace, all the while making definitive progress towards the goals you want to accomplish. You decide what days and times you want us to work, and we continually evaluate to see if the system is meeting your needs or if we need to revise our strategy.

For all of our services, the initial consultation is always no-charge and no-obligation. We will talk over what you want to accomplish and your time-frame, and then set in motion a plan you can live with. Use our Contact Form or call us and let us know how we can help you. Don’t let another frustrating moment go by. Solving your organizing and clutter problems is just an email or phone call away. It really is that easy!

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